The Do Lectures


Yesterday was a really great day for me. Firstly I got on with lots of writing that I wanted to get on with but secondly, and more amazingly, I won a ticket to go the The Do Lectures run by Howies in September. I am so excited about this that I’m not going to even try and explain it!

The idea of the lectures is to get a group of Doers together in a field in Wales for four days to talk and debate and do so that they can go away with the ideas and inspiration to change the things in life that they care about. What an amazing idea! It was set up by David and Claire Hieatt, who founded Howies, last year:

“They wanted to know what to Do about the things they cared about. Out of that came the idea that the Doers of the world can inspire the rest of us to go Do something. So a set of talks for Doers was born.”

So there we are. It looks like this year is going to be just as exciting as the first Do Lectures in 2008 and I’m so excited that I’m going to be part of it. And I promise that I will endeavour to share as much of it as I can on here with you.

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