Creativity – Important Stuff

Creativity is important stuff.

People think and learn in many different ways – creativity allows for multiple approaches, and celebrates them.

The world is changing faster than ever – people who are confident to think creatively are better able to deal with this. And flourish.

We’ve got big challenges ahead. Climate change. Food shortages. Population explosion. We need creative minds to help find solutions.

Creativity thinks over hills and round corners. Not always in straight lines. This kind of thought journey can be really exciting.

Flexibility is the way of the future. Creativity is our flexible friend.

Creativity is about learning to trust your own ideas and not always following other people’s.

Creativity is about everyone defining thier own identity – it isn’t about one size fits all.

Creativity is about looking at the world around you and making it into the one you want it to be.

Creativity is about the future.

Image by Tamaki

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