Springwater Secrets A community project exploring creative ways for children and their grown ups to discover local greenspaces.

Introduction to Permaculture for Artists and Creatives – A course designed specifically with artists and creatives in mind, it will introduce the basic concepts of Permaculture. It will also explore how these ideas can be used to deepen creative practice and to bring a new ethical basis to projects, particularly in relation to ecology, natural systems and regenerative cultures. Certified by the Permaculture Association.

Deep Time Walks – A Deep Time Walk is a transformative journey through 4.6bn years of Earth history via an interactive 4.6km narrated walk. It is an invitation to view the world differently, encouraging positive action and advocacy for a regenerative Earth.

Mud and Culture – A child led outdoor group which supports participants to explore and enjoy a range of outdoor spaces using the Permaculture Ethics as a foundation for exploration.

Creative Roots – An online forum for artists and creatives that meets monthly to explore ideas around arts, imagination, creativity and Permaculture, and the way that these things can be used to develop regenerative cultures.

Training and Mentoring – I develop and facilitate training and mentoring programmes for a range of organisations. Recent projects include: training for a range of cultural organisations in Korea and British Council Korea exploring how to develop socially engaged creative projects inspired by cultural heritage; mentoring mid career socially engaged artists as part of Making of Us at The Turnpike in Leigh; participating in a round table event for artists in St Helens on the theme of Eco Arts as part of the Arts in Libraries programme.

WritingRead a selection of my writing.