Drawing Maps Without Roads

I drew a map without roads for a project that I am working on. I love that in the map the two beautiful rivers in my borough are revealed as a spine running right through. And how it highlights the way that roads have come to dominate, and often blight, our communities, landscapes and lives. […]


Playing in the garden on Lughnasadh. Half way from summer to autumn. An inbetween time As every time feels at the moment. Like being in a dream. Living a life that doesn’t exist anymore. Fragile. Precious. Magical. And thus we take a deep breath And keep on keeping on.

I grow things because…

I grow things because… I love being outside. It grounds me and connects me to the things that matter. It is great fun (most of the time!) It helps me put down roots. It allows me to make more space for “wild”. Home grown food tastes better. It makes me slow down. It’s something we […]