Our Boy’s Plot

My five year old has decided that this year

He wants his own plot in the garden.

I am delighted at his enthusiasm

And interest

But also aware that our garden is small.

The space is precious.

I feel reluctant to give it up.

Despite this sense of reluctance

His plot has been selected.

The metaphorical keys have been handed over.

That corner is his.

To tend.

To plant.

To potter.

His spades and tractors go in –

He is not a no dig gardener.

On his first day he moves soil around

With spades




The day after he flattened it all.

Then the day after that he planted seeds.

He warmed and watered.

And today he talked to his grandparents.

He spoke about his plot

Like a grower.

In his words his roots stretched deep

His body stretched high

And in his new found independence

He started to grow.

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