On Rewilding

There are more acres of garden in the UK

Than there are acres of National Park.

More patios and well tended lawns

Than Cairngorms, Brecon Beacons and Exmoors.

More decking and garden sheds

Than wide wild open spaces.

But what if we all decided to open our garden gates a little

To let a bit of wild come in?

If we did away with Astroturf and planted meadow flowers instead?

If we filled balconies with bird feeders

And covered concrete rented gardens

In pots crammed full with planted feasts for insects.

If we pulled out fences and put in hedges.

If we dug holes and made multitudes of ponds.

If we left untouched corners for nettles

And never dug up greenery to park cars.

What if we accepted that wild comes in infinite shapes and sizes?

And that it’s worth opening the gate to

Even if we’re only able to start by letting a tiny bit in.

Maybe if we started doing these things

Maybe then it would be possible

To rediscover the howling wind in our hearts.

The soft crumble of moorland turf at our fingertips.

The swooping rush or martens in the blink of an eye.

Maybe then it would be possible to start rewilding ourselves.

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